Monday, April 12, 2010

Photo session

Before my son disappears on his 12,000 mile road trip, I collared him and his fancy-dancy camera into my studio to shoot some decent photos of my pottery.

When I get the files from him, I'll show you some results.


  1. Getting the files out of him could be challenging, you know...

  2. Let's see....I could hide the keys to the Red Baron, block it in with the van, and just generally hold their wheels hostage until the files are on my puter.

  3. Make sure to get lots of photos OF your son before he disappears to such a distance. How long will he be gone?

  4. Fancy-dancy.

    I'm batch processing the files as we speak. So there.

  5. Seren Dippity- I'll tell ya all about the crazy road trip soon...


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