Thursday, April 8, 2010

Open Studio Tour Preview Show

Today I stopped into The Pines art gallery where they are having a pre-tour exhibit for the Gorge Artists Open Studio Tour in May.

The open studio tour is a big event for area artists to open their art studios for a weekend so that patrons of the arts can visit and see how craftsmen and artists execute their work. This is the fourth year and it's becoming a very popular event.

The Pines is exhibiting the work of participating artists for the month of April. It's a chance not only for the public to get a preview of what they will see on the tour, but it also gives the participating artists a chance to view the work of the other artists.

All of the artists wish we could also tour the studios but so far we haven't figured out how to make a tour for the artists on the tour work.

The artists participating in the tour are a diverse group. There are painters...

...potters and ceramic artists...

...jewelers and glass blowers...

...several weavers and a furniture maker...

This was done by a new artist on the tour and I was very impressed with this....
....this is patinaed brass!

I was amazed by the color and details of this. I have seen this type of work once on television. This is one studio I would very much like to tour.

This piece was done by the same artist. I very iconic scene of the Northwest.

My work, though arriving late after my firing, was also on exhibit.

Marty did a great job displaying a very eclectic gathering of artwork.


  1. You guys (y'all) need to have a preview day where all the artists tour from one studio to the next. That artist could demonstrate and then onto the next studio where that artist could demonstrate and so on. It would probably take longer. Maybe plan it for a couple of days. With all that beautiful artwork you deserve to take the tour, too!

  2. I have tried to coordinate it several times. There are over thirty artists spread out in a forty mile line along the Columbia River (twenty miles wide up and down valleys). My approach was to tour five or so area studios every time we had a meeting- something always messes it up, artists are not available, the meeting is canceled, etc. Very aggravating.


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