Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Birthday Boy

Today was Peter's eighth birthday.

Peter is my baby. He has four older brothers and two older sisters. They chose his middle name- Joseph.
Peter is a very sensitive child, a gentle soul. He was concerned that his birthday celebration was going to be late, after baseball practice. He didn't want to inconvenience anyone by making them wait.

He was in no rush to get to the gifts. First he ate every bite of cake and ice cream. Then he read his cards.

For the first time ever, Peter read all his cards himself. He read each one with joyful relish, exclaiming, "That is so nice! What a cool card!"
I just stood astounded at my baby reading his cards.

Samuel spent the last two days working on a homemade birthday gift for his brother. (He had some help from a friend.)

Peter loved it, as well as every other gift he received.

I was forty years old when Peter was born. Our oldest was already nineteen.
Yes, he was a surprise... and a delight.
And he continues to surprise and delight daily.


  1. Happy Birthday to Peter! He sounds like a such a thoughtful child.

    Those unexpected surprises are such blessings.

    (Isn't it wonderful when the reading clicks? I think once I hit that milestone with each of mine I could finally exhale.)

  2. It's the best part of homeschooling- teaching your child/children to read, and witnessing the "click" when reading becomes useful!

  3. That tractor that Sam made is fantastic! What a great gift!


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