Sunday, March 7, 2010

President of the Mean Mommy Club

The boys made a new friend at Saturday night roller skating.
He came over today to check our place out.

He said to Peter: Your mom is kinda mean cuz she won't let you have an X-box.

I'll take that.

The kids don't seem to mind that much because they occasionally get handed power tools and are told to knock themselves out! Tear apart that machine! Have a ball!

And they have a blast doing real man work.

They give more than their thumbs a workout.


  1. Cool! Do they ever get things put back together tho?
    We had a friend of our sons tell him once that he wouldn't put up with parents like us... He was never invited back!
    Mean parents of the world UNITE!

  2. Haha! Yes!

    The boys were taking it apart for the trash. The plastic box got cut into pieces and it was all disposed of!

  3. Lots more fun than playing video games! My boys used to build stuff in our shop...they made a mini sprayer for their little riding tractors out of some old hose and a gallon jug...they made tiny square bales with an old tupperware container and the grass after they mowed it...I won't even start with the stuff they welded!
    We didn't have any video games until a few years ago. And it hardly gets played with now...the youngest is 16 so that could be why but I think it's because they didn't have it growing up and know they can live without it.

  4. I firmly believe that an excessive amount of video games stifles the imagination. I saw this when I was teaching a writing/spelling class years ago. The heavy players wrote video game style stories (characters and props appearing out of no where etc.).
    My boys also have been given an old car engine on a stand in the garage to assemble/disasemble as they please.
    In the second photo, the kid with his foot on the scooter is the visiting friend. My boys kept enticing him to join in the fun of what they were up to and he wouldn't at all. He thought it was dumb. Go figure.


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