Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not much. You?

The kiln didn't reach temperature until 4:00 a.m. after which I got four whole hours of sleep. Needless to say, I was dragging my tail all day yesterday. Came home after a coffee date to find that red Ukranian egg dye had been spilled on the wood floor. I proceeded to ignore it so that I wouldn't have a nervous breakdown in my sleep deprived state.

Today is a new day.

The baby goat kids are hopping, skipping and jumping in the goat pen. Those critters are so stinkin' cute.

I'm warming the oven to bake some jalapeno cheese sourdough bread. I'm trying to perfect the artisan bread technique. Surprisingly, no one seems to complain about all this fresh bread in the kitchen.

After bread I'm going shopping. I need to find some Easter clothes for the boys. Nothing like the last minute to get things done.

When I get home from shopping I'll see if the firing was a disaster or a success. Film at eleven.



What are you doing today?


  1. I was going to go to Bible Study - but my pain level is too high today - requiring more pain medication, which means driving is a no-no. So - I'll probably try to find a movie worth watching, lay on the couch, and do a little knitting...

    ...oh, and check on the new chicks a few times! They're adorable, too! Sigh... I wish we had baby goats! :)

  2. So sorry about your pain. Nothing like pain to ruin a day but it sounds like you have a good approach and attitude!

    We don't have chicks yet. They are a spring icon for sure!

  3. Sleep? I am trying to catch up on my I have a cold. Which isn't fare, I can't keep myself away from my own newborn!

  4. It's okay! She'll get her immunity from you anyway. Don't worry about it, just don't wipe your snot on her onesie. (How DO you spell that word??)

  5. I wondered if you ever got the kiln going. I hope the firing was a success!

    And I would love to be good at baking artisan breads. Well, maybe not because I would eat way too much of the stuff.

    My daughter is due June 18th. When is your grandbaby due?

  6. I just unloaded the kiln tonight and was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't at all happy with how the firing went and expected disaster. I'll post some pictures soon.

    The bread: I cut into a warm, golden, crusty loaf, buttered a slice and took a bite. I forgot to salt the dough! BLAND jalapeno bread. Normally two loaves disappear immediately but today no one wants to eat it. Tonight I made a cilantro lime butter that I put on the toasted bread and that made it edible. {sigh} I have more to learn for sure.

    Katie is due July 11!
    (And I just turned down another wedding, this one for July 10!)


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