Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I wanna take good pictures too!

I've been looking at my cake photos because I am preparing for a bridal fair this weekend. I finally have a small collection of photos by the professional wedding photographers and I don't have to rely on using only the very poor ones I take myself. To take a wedding cake photo I usually have to set up the cake on the picnic table in the natural outdoor light before I load the cake in the van to deliver to the wedding. Someone (a husband or kid) has to hold a black sheet up behind it as a backdrop. Considering the conditions and my camera, the pictures turn out pretty well but the professionally shot ones at the weddings are nothing short of gorgeous.

One of my favorite of our local wedding photogs is a young guy who was a snowboarding friend of my son, Neal. I love it when he takes pictures of my cakes.

He makes them look good!

This one was such a favorite of so many people (including me) that I used it on my business cards. I have another bridal couple this year that wants a cake just like this one.

This photographer has several websites. Of course he photographs much more than brides and wedding cakes. He and his wife travel a lot in the off season and he records images from all over the world. I always enjoy looking at his amazing photos.

This is one of his photos of Hood River. Mr. Dirtywrench and I have gazed at this view many times from this hill while out on our motorcycle tours. I love how the city looks like it's on fire!

What a great shot of our mountain!

Check out more of Blaine Franger's photos on his blog.

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