Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Before and After

Do you remember these "faceted" mugs?

This is what they look like now, hot out of the kiln.

And this plain jar that I dressed up with some sgraffitto on the lid?

I had some fun with the glaze technique on this and thought it came out well.
It'll hold a good dozen or two of cookies.

I did a post showing how I made these textured rims on plates and bowls.
I used a piece of bath mat!

I think they would look well in a country cottage kitchen.

I made a number of vases with carved surfaces.

They kind of have an ancient or native feel to them.

The vase on the left ended up with tooling all the way to the bottom.

And this is how it looks now. Just a simple white glaze.

I love this view the best. I would display it this way if it didn't roll off the table.

Please tell me what you think- did you enjoy seeing the process of how pottery is made?


  1. Love them all. But that I would be tempted to put bookends on either side to keep it from rolling and diplay it just like that. Beautiful as always.

    Fogetting salt in the bread sounds like something I would do. ;)

  2. Sooo... I take it it wasn't a complete disaster?

    I think they're gorgeous! I'll take one of each.

  3. Very much!! Thank you for posting it. You are SO TALENTED!


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