Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spring Cleaning

It's not spring yet. Technically. But here, I'm sorry to tell those of you who are still snowbound, here- it feels like spring. Nearly (brace yourselves)...60 degrees. Don't blame me. Blame El Nino. The same one causing slush at the Vancouver Olympics. The Boy is causing some sun and temps that mean we can hold back on loading the woodstove every two hours. It's nice.

Usually I head to the big city to attend the garden shows this time of year. Though we decided to skip them I still have the same urge that the garden shows usually trigger- to clean up the flower beds and get them ready for the spring eruptions. There is so much to do!





And this is only about 1/50 of what needs to be done around here. Beautiful gardens are wonderful but they require so much work and attention. It's nice to have the winter break.

It's been so mild that the window box plants are still surviving.

But all it took was a few weeks of real winter back in November and December to break the water pipes in my studio. As usual, I am without water in the studio in February since the plumbing repair will require pulling the walls apart and I just can't deal with that nonsense right now while I am trying to produce some salable pottery.

But at least I'm not digging out a path in the snow like the rest of you. So sorry.

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