Friday, February 19, 2010

Picking a paint color... harder than choosing a name for a baby.

At least it is for me.

Even though I won't live with the color as long as I'll live with the name, somehow a baby grows into their name no matter what. A room will never grow into a color that is not right for it.

I've made some mistakes with room colors and had to live uncomfortably with the results. Maybe because I have an artistic nature, color matters to me. For instance, I really, really hate beige hotel rooms. So benignly boring. So lacking in imagination. Are hoteliers really so worried about losing a customer offended by blue or green or {gasp} a nice, sunny yellow?

So since I have lived with colors I wasn't happy with, I've decided to no longer commit to a color until I'm sure it's the right hue, tone and shade. I have determined to test, sample and cogitate before draping the furniture and popping the lid on a paint can.

When we painted the exterior of house it took weeks to decide on the color. We took trips around the valley looking at newly painted houses. I painted sample colors on poster board and nailed them to the house. At least eight times. It worked. We like the final choice.

Now I'm working on the bedroom- because it's winter and in winter I have uncontrollable urges to make changes and improvements. I'm almost done with the kitchen and moving on to the bedroom before the crocuses bloom and the urge dissipates.

We live in a little country cottage of a house. The rooms are small and have posed many challenges for a family of nine. This bedroom is crammed with furniture and the clutter is suffocating me. I have big plans to rectify this problem and Ikea is helping me with that. But first I need to paint!

The design experts recommend choosing a color by matching it to an object. I did that last time by looking for the green that was in the bed quilt. I ended up with a minty green that I hated from the first swipe of the paint roller. I hadn't sampled the paint on the wall first to make sure it was what I wanted and I paid the price by living with the mint ice cream color for years.

My first thought was to simply repaint with a better shade of green. Ha! HAhahahahaha!!!!

Green, you say? {snort}

I know I don't want minty green...

how about "grey" green?.....

....or yellowy green?....

....or a "heritage" green?.....

And what tone of that hue is right? Dark, light, medium? Medium dark, pale light?

Oh, nevermind!

How about gold?

Or soothing steely blue?

But which blue??


  1. I hear that they recently discovered a bunch of new shades of green, orange and blue that they didn't know existed before, so that's probably why there are so many colors now.

  2. Discovered?

    I've heard it theorized that there are many unknown spectrums of color. In heaven at least.

  3. Consider the 'gold' field - your test color looks good and you might be on to something, hopefully not just more confusion!

  4. I hear ya... never more agony than over choosing paint.


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