Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One little tool, so many ideas...

Earlier this month I did a post about my latest experiments in the studio. Using a trimming tool I faceted some mugs with grooves to catch the glazes.

I started out small and simple. These are the mugs.

I tried the same thing on some bowls.

A few vases.

None of these pots have been fired yet. This is how the clay looks when it is "bone dry" ready for the bisque firing.

All of the marks on all these pots were made with the same simple tool.

I learned a lot about the technique with my experiments.

One thing I learned is that the stages of drying are important in how the cuts look. I'm letting this one dry some more before finishing the carvings to the bottom and then I'll take off all the rough edges with a wet sponge. I think I'll put a handle at the top too.

These will have more done also.

I also really like how the cuts look on the rims of large platters.

I'm definitely doing more of these.

This week will mark this blog's one year anniversary.
I'm going to have a little contest to celebrate.
Stay tuned for a chance to win a piece of pottery!


  1. One tool? One tool and an artistic hand. Those are beautiful!

  2. That looks really cool! I like it! It gives the pieces a kind of sculptural look.

  3. Amazing what you can do with just one tool and clay. That little mug is still my favorite.


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