Saturday, January 23, 2010

Imagination Station

We all know how kids can be with a box. Forget the toy, just give them a box, right?

My boys are masters at destroying transforming every box that comes into the house. If I intend to save a box I have to hold it up and announce "I want this box. I am saving this box. Do not play with this box." And there are still no guarantees that the box won't become an airplane cockpit or a turtle shell or a home with a chimney for the stuffed animals.

For a long while every time I bought a tube of toothpaste, the box it came in was transformed into a camera. A long, skinny camera. I can't throw away bottles or cardboard cannisters without them reappearing in my kitchen in a slightly different form. I thought I threw this thing away?!

My boys do this. My girls do not. Why is that??

I have learned that if a package comes and it contains styrofoam peanuts, it is imperative that I get rid of the peanuts as soon as possible otherwise they will instantly be spread all over the house and I will be forever finding them under the furniture. Worst of all are the hard styrofoam blocks that come as packaging for electronics and such. For a little boy the drive to break the blocks into smaller pieces or to club his brother with them until bits of foam float through the air is more powerful than the need to eat.

My boys do this. My girls do not. Why??

And I won't even talk about the plastic bubble wrap. I try to save it to wrap pottery. Hah!

Really. Who needs to spend money on toys?

Everything, and I mean everything that comes into the house is potentially a plaything for the boys.

The tile I bought for the kitchen quickly became a futuristic porcelain city for matchbox cars.
The boys soon were trying to build upwards by balancing tiles like a house of cards. That's when I stepped in and ruined their fun.


  1. The bliss of motherhood! I glad that you have good boys and girls. - Bill

  2. How creative is that?? Too cute. I will have to agree building "upward" was probably not going to turn out good for ya.

    Also love the long camera! ;)

    Enjoy your Sunday!

    Mommas Soapbox

  3. I have great kids. But boys make me tired.

    I'm not complaining though! Today is the last day they are all together here for awhile. I'm cherishing the moments. Kris is leaving the country in the morning and Katie goes back to MI this week.

    Thanks for your comments!


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