Sunday, January 3, 2010

Filled Cupcakes 101

Everybody loves cupcakes, right? Something that takes a cupcake to just a bit higher level of goodness is a filling in the middle.

Taking a bite of a cakey cupcake and getting a bit of smooth chocolate cream in the middle....or raspberry puree....or hazelnut mousse...or chocolate fudge.... turns a plain old cupcake into something for a special occasion, like a wedding for instance.

Making filled cupcakes is very easy. It doesn't require any special equipment like piping bags or syringes. I'll show you how simple it is to make your cupcakes extra special too.

To get the filling into the cupcake you simply need a space for the filling. I use a melon baller to make a round hole in the top of the cupcake. In the absence of a melon baller a nice rounded metal teaspoon would work as well.

I cut and remove a circle of cake taking care to keep the piece in tact.

Save all the round plugs of cake. You'll need them later.

Then using the melon baller or spoon, scoop out some more cake inside the cupcake to make a space for filling. It is only necessary to remove a teaspoon or two of cake. Take care not to go to the bottom.

Now the cupcakes are ready for filling. So many about banana pudding? Lemon curd is divine! Even whipped cream, or....mascarpone! Yes! That's what I want.

But the clients that ordered these vanilla cupcakes wanted blueberry and raspberry puree filling. Yum!
Fill the cupcake but not all the way to the top. Leave a little space....

...for the cake plug.

Now the cupcakes are ready for icing.

These are iced with my own Light Cream Icing, made from whipped cream and cream cheese.

They taste very much like a berry shortcake.

I hope you enjoyed the wonderful photos taken by my son. They make my blog look almost like one of those big fancy food blogs, don't you think?


  1. yes -- your son did a fine job! Those cupcakes look yummy, but may I ask, how do you make blueberry puree? I like your blog!

  2. Those look and sound amazing!! I'll have to try them now. Darn. My diet will have to wait a little while longer. And yes, the photos made me think I was at Ree's site.

  3. For berry fillings there are a couple things I do. If I am lazy sometimes I use just one of my homemade jams or a good store bought variety. If I buy something I look for a seedless variety. I also have a blueberry sauce that we use on pancakes but it can be too runny so this time I cooked frozen blueberries with sugar and cornstarch. After it cooled I pressed it through a sieve to make it smooth. For raspberry sometimes I make a raspberry juice with the berries and then cook that juice with a thickener (cornstarch or tapioca starch) and sugar. Another great filling is to take these berry concoctions (jam) and mix it with whipped cream for a berry cream.

  4. Your son did a great job with the photos. I bet you told him he's hired!!

    That icing sounds wonderful because generally frosting is way too sweet for my taste. Can we have the proportions of whipping cream/cream cheese?

  5. Suzanne, that is exactly why 99% of the cakes I make have this icing - people love how light it is without being too sweet or fatty.

    One recipe that will fill and ice one 9 inch round cake split into four layers- one pint of heavy cream whipped very stiff; one 8 ounce pkg. cream cheese beaten smooth then add 1/2 cup powdered sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla. Beat the whipped cream into the cream cheese. Enjoy!

  6. Wow they look delicious...probably too sweet for me though.

  7. All those photos, and I didn't even get to sample one...

  8. What are you talking about! You gorged on cake for two days,dude!

  9. Bah... gorged? I think you have me confused with another son.

  10. You have an amazing gift of baking, Pamela! Your cakes are absolutely gorgeous!

  11. "Dude." That's what I was going to say. How did I wind up here at this old post? I don't know, but, dude, now I want some cupcakes.

  12. I just found your blog & am really liking it! I just wish you had a way to pin your posts on Pinterest :(


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