Thursday, January 14, 2010

Field Trip: Evergreen Aviation Museum

We are having a fun week with my oldest daughter Rosie Kate/Katie Rose visiting from Michigan with her husband and son. They don't get out altogether more than once a year. Today we had a special day at the Evergreen Aviation Museum.

This world class museum has examples of aviation history beginning with the Wright brother's experimental contraptions to World War I and World War II fighter planes, the first commercial air transportation, experimental planes and many more models of man's infatuation with flight.

The star attraction and the reason this museum was built is the Spruce Goose, the enormous troop transporter wannabe built by Howard Hughes. The whole building was constructed around this massive airplane and the other planes are parked under and around it.

The Spruce Goose was made entirely with wood (birch!) and glue. Even the parts that look like steel, are wood. Nails held things together until the glue cured and then were removed for other uses during the wartime. The rubber beach balls were stored in the wings as floats.

It was paid for by tax payers and flown once by Howard Hughes. The movie The Aviator with Leonardo DiCaprio includes the story of this plane's development.

We enjoyed seeing the many different kinds of planes displayed creatively.

And getting up close and personal with machines otherwise out of reach.

Another highlight was climbing into a B-17 Bomber from World War II

The tour guides at the museum were war veterans that told the history of these planes with gusto.

The little boys tried out the gunner positions...

...while hearing descriptive war stories of the young men who flew and manned the plane.

We finished off the day with some computer simulated flying over Oregon...

..and a cool IMAX movie about fighter pilots that was a recruiter film in disguise.

We are looking forward to finishing off our week with the two missing brothers home. All my chicks will be together.

Maybe I should make pie.

For more pictures from the museum trip (from a better camera) check out Kristin's blog post.


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