Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Creative Writing

Seven year old Peter dictated this story for Creative Writing today:

The Big Evil Monster

There was once a little village called Tinyville. This village was very scary because there was big evil. There was a big monster who haunted the village. None of the children could ever, ever come out. The monster was an evil, bad scary face with green drool coming out of his mouth. He would stomp the ground always hungry. He ate alligators and could fight down any of the animals in the jungle.

There was man called Elcabon who had a big metal guitar. He lived in a big cave close to the village. The kids needed help and Elcabon could save the children from the big green evil monster. Whenever the kids called he would come out on his horse with his guitar. Whenever he made a pluck on the strings it made a big weird sound and the sound was WOW-CABOW-DOW-BOW!!!! and the sound would scare any evil thing away. So he would scare the big evil monster.

When one of the kids called he hopped on his horse and away he went very fast on his horse. He got to the big evil monster BOW-CABOW-DOW-BOW!!! The monster became very angry and he ran up to Elcabon and then Elcabon smacked him in the forehead with his big metal guitar. The monster fell down to the ground with a big boo-boo on his head and he cried and cried and went home to his mommy.


  1. They always go home to Mommy. Love it.

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