Monday, December 14, 2009


Remember folding paper and cutting out snowflakes?

Try folding paper and cutting snowflakes so that they appear in the negative space of the paper.


I haven't seen this stuff since I was in the third grade at Katherine Curren Elementary School.

Remember how it formed a plastic coating on the windows and flaked off in plastic, uh, flakes, to be forever floating around the atmosphere of the third grade classroom?

This new product is much improved and more environmentally friendly.

But it still requires practice to spray just the right coating and to peel back the stencil without smearing.

Did you know that if you want to help generate some real snow, you should put snowflakes on your windows? Really. It worked for us. Tonight it is snowing!

My favorite is the snowflake Alyssa made on the far right.
It looks real!

(Please disregard my dusty glassware. I promise to wash them before I include them in any more photos.)

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