Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mountain Sledding

We live in a valley surrounded by forested mountains and rolling hills but would you believe that there is no safe place where the kids can carry their sleds to ride in the winter snow?

I grew up in the mountainless midwest. Despite living in those flat lands we never lacked for sledding hills in the winter.

Here, we have to make a special trip to a sled park in the state forest. Often the snow is so deep it is difficult to get up or down the hill.

Another option is to pay to sled on a groomed run at a ski resort. This requires parking and standing in long, long lines for a turn to ride.

Or we could go into town where there are hills in the suburban parks and lots of kids to run over with your sled.

But since there hasn't been heavy snow fall yet this winter, the state forest park near the mountain offered perfect conditions today.

With the new saucer sleds they got from Grandma at Christmas....

....and a big brother with time on his hands....

Samuel and Peter finally got a chance to do what all kids should do during their Christmas break from school...
Catapult their bodies down frozen hills, dodging trees and rocks while blinded by flying snow.

It's the best way to enjoy winter.

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