Friday, December 11, 2009

It's that time of year....

...the time when I hear an echo that says

Are we gonna put up the village today?

When are we going to put up the village?

Can we put up the village today?

Etc. etc. ....

Get your schoolwork all done and we'll put up the village!

The kids care more about the village then they do about the Christmas tree.

At least until it gets put up and then it's on to...

...when are we gonna put up the Christmas tree?

Can we put up the Christmas tree today?

After the decisions have been made concerning the placement of all the buildings and people in the village (which changes every year) there are lots of tweaks and adjustments. This will go on every day throughout the season.

The boys do seem to have outgrown the tendancy to "play" village though. They now simply enjoy the arranging and the tweaking.

We have an auto shop to represent Daddy's occupation.

And goats because....we have goats!

And snowboarders.
Yes, we have snowboarders. We live next to an 11,000 foot mountain ya know.

There's even an Italian restaurant for Mom.

So now that the Christmas village is on the piano, we can say.....'s Christmas!


  1. Cute!!

    I've never seen the village before!

  2. my village doesn't look as good, Liz likes to play with everyone, so its all jumbled up! She enjoys surrounding baby Jesus with all the other people! She cracks me up!

  3. That's what the boys used to do too. They seem to have grown out of it now.


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