Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In the Garden Today

We got six inches of snow on Monday night.

Then it rained for twenty-four hours. Or more.

This morning I ventured out with the camera. I do this often from April to October, regularly taking my breakfast or coffee with me. Not today though.

But I did stroll through the gardens...

I looked at the sleeping spirea.

The magnolia buds.

One of my oldest rhododendron.

Feeling a little chilly yet? I am.

The red azalea.

This little vine should be symbolic of something.
Perseverance. Futility. Tenacity. Oregon weather.

The buddelia aka butterfly bush is normally eight feet tall.

I don't know about you....

...but I'm going to go put on another pair of socks and make a hot toddy....

...and lean against the woodstove for awhile.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Wintry precipitation isn't common around here. BUT it's not usually this cold before February, plus it's raining all the time. I have a feeling when it comes it's going to look a lot like your pictures. Stay warm.

  2. I'm shivering just looking at the pictures. It's cold here in NJ but no snow yet. Maybe for Christmas?

  3. Yeah, we were...
    "Yay! Snow for Christmas!"
    "yay. slush for Christmas."


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