Thursday, December 3, 2009

From the Garden in December

I ventured into the garden today. Despite the below freezing temperatures of the last few days, I was hoping to find some remnants of freshness in the garden.

These are the last of the leeks. The top two inches or so of soil had started to freeze and made the pulling difficult but with the help of a shovel I extracted some for my supper menu.

The only cold frame that is up now is over the herbs.

I cannot believe the parsley is still this green!

The spinach I planted in late fall doesn't look like it will be big enough to eat until at least February. Bummer.

There is plenty of thyme to use in the kitchen throughout the winter as long as the cold frame keeps the snow off of it.

So this is what I brought in from the garden for supper on the third of December!
I was never able to do such a thing in Michigan.
Ya gotta love the effects of the Pacific coast on our otherwise northern climate.

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  1. Yum! Hey, we're actually a little behind so far... our ground is just starting to freeze and we've had NO snow yet. Last night I brought a handful of beets in from the garden for supper, too! From the garden! In Michigan!

    Oh well, I'm sure we'll pay dearly next month...


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