Saturday, December 5, 2009

For Music Lovers

Does everyone know about Pandora?

Pandora is an online "radio" station that custom makes the music selection for you. I absolutely love it and we listen to Pandora almost exclusively when we want music in the house. There is no longer any reason to buy music CDs or download music. As least for us. Like we ever did a lot of either of those things.

But anyway, you can start a customized music selection by giving Pandora a name of a favorite musician or group, or even just a music style and it will play music all day in that musician or group's style. For instance we have no less than 25 different "stations" of music ranging from Cold Play (Alyssa) to Chopin (Mr. Dirtywrench) and Michael Buble (Me) as well as Alison Krauss, George Winston, Jack Johnson, and James Taylor.

Did I mention it is FREE? Free radio with the music of your choice and NO COMMERCIALS.

Right now we have stations for Folk Holidays, Peaceful Christmas, Swingin' Christmas, Classical Christmas and Country Christmas. We can listen to a great variety of holiday music all the time without changing CDs.

Just wanted to be sure you knew about this great service!


  1. Love Pandora.

    Recently I've had a message pop up about only having a certain amount of times left to listen???

  2. Yeah, I've discovered that I tend to max out my Pandora hours by the end of the month. Apparently you get 40 hours per month. Not sure if it used to be that way, but the last two months, it's warned me when I get to 37 or so. I was surprised because... seriously? I listen to Pandora for 40 hours each month? Whoa... I do pause it for periods of time when I go outside or in another room, so I wonder if the time still adds up while it's paused.

  3. We have run out of the forty hours about two days before the end of the month sometimes and it only costs 99 cents to continue. Not a big deal I think! You can also subscribe if you are really hardcore. It's like $12-15 a year I think.


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