Monday, December 7, 2009

Early Christmas

I got a package in the mail today!

A cookbook! But not just any cookbook. It's a New York Times Bestseller, currently #4 on the list. And it's written by blogger Pioneer Woman.

Pioneer Woman was the first blog I ever read back when I didn't even know what a blog was. My daughter, Rosie Kate, who we call Katie Rose, was visiting here. She was on the computer and I became curious about what she was reading because it was making her chuckle about every ninety seconds. So I took a look at The Pioneer Woman and my reaction was kind of...."Wha?..." It took a bit of reading for me to understand the whole blog thing but I was eventually hooked on the horses and cowboys and goofy stories of ranch life.

Soon after, my son started writing his own blog, then my daughter, and! The rest is blogging history. Kind of.

After spending time reading The Pioneer Woman, it led me to a couple other blogs. One of those I enjoy is April Showers/Coal Creek Farm. It's funny how a blog can be a window on someone's life and it is interesting to get a glimpse of a far-away family. The family at Coal Creek Farm reminds me of my family in so many ways. Only they are a bit younger than my family. And much, much sillier.

Here are a few stunning similarities: they have a sixteen year old daughter. We do too. They have a son named Seth. We do too. They raise pigs. We did too (and I know there are more in my future with the two boys currently biting my ankles.) They have chickens. Yep, here too. We have homeschooling in common. The cabinets in April's kitchen are exactly the same design as my cabinets (only mine are oak and hers are..something else.) April's husband is Clay. Uh....I use clay to make pots because I'm a potter while April wants to be a potter. April cooks and does laundry. My goodness! So do I!!

I won't talk about how April is tall and slim and blonde and I am most definitely not because I am talking about similarities here.

Anyway....April is also the nicest blogger I have never met. She did a very special thing for me and got a copy of the #4 NYTimes bestselling cookbook signed to me!

Best of all, there is even this picture recording the signing of the book by author Ree Drummond with the lovely April at her elbow. (Photo taken by April's friend Mrs. Mama)

Is this the coolest thing or what?


  1. It's funny that you mention April's husbands name is Clay. I followed a link from her site here because I wondered if this clayvessel had anything to do with him.

  2. Pam, what is Marlboro Man's real name? I can't quite make it out there. I've been wondering that for a long time.

  3. Sue - that is funny! I hope you weren't too disappointed!

    Anna- his name is Ladd Drummond. Yep.


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