Monday, December 21, 2009

Did you bake cookies today too?

This is what I did all day.

But not for us. These babies are for certain lucky clients of Expertec Automotive Repair.
I hope they possess a healthy sweet tooth.

I keep their customer waiting room's cookie jar full of cookies- about fifteen dozen a week!

I chose some of the most special and Christmasy favorites for the client gift boxes.
These are date pinwheel cookies - my favorite!

I also made the ginger spice cookies and the buttery pecan cookies.

To make the buttery pecan cookies a little more holiday festive, I decided to sugar glaze the whole pecan that is on top of the cookie.

They didn't turn out so well. I've made them before but for some reason this time they tasted good but looked like....well, uh, I won't say what they looked like, but it was not good.
So I made lemonade out of these lemons. I chopped them very roughly and added them to the cookie dough.

The flavor really worked in the cookie without the ugliness.

Another recipe I tweaked for Christmas was the perennially popular snickerdoodle. I used the dough recipe and added almond extract for a classic sugar cookie taste. Then I rolled the dough balls in red sugar crystals.

My own twist on a simple sugar cookie.

Six varieties of cookies and I didn't make an exact count but...

...I baked twenty-five to thirty dozen.
I didn't have to run the woodstove today. My oven kept me warm.

I've been thinking this week about Christmas traditions around the world.
Cookies have certainly become a large part of the traditional American celebration of Christmas.
Cookie exchange parties, neighbors delivering plates of cookies to each other, grandmas baking cookies with their grandkids...homemade cookies are everywhere this time of year. There are so many favorites and variations of each. It seems that people take joy in baking cookies at Christmas even if they don't have the habit of baking the rest of the year.

Pie is traditional for Thanksgiving.

But at Christmas the treat of choice is cookies!


  1. Yum! I did manage to bake Peanut Butter Blossoms, Pound Cake Cookies and Gingerbread Men. So much more to do today.

    Your packaging is beautiful.

  2. Mmmm.....Peanut Butter Blossoms sounds interesting!

  3. Let's hear it for Christmas cookies!, kids with big eyes full of wonderment, twinklely eyed oldsters - look, it's snowing outside my window. Merry Christmas to all - Bill


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