Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You're Never Too Old!

Don-NY! Don-NY! Don-NY!

Woo! Hoo!

I loved how when he won, he immediately thought of his wife and carried her out on stage to share the victory. Great moment!

P.S. I was about ten when I listened to these all day! Knew every word.


  1. What??? Who?? Wasn't that like 100 years ago?

  2. Wasn't that sweet of him? After pulling for Donny on DWTS my husband asked me last night, "Did you have a crush on him?" Who? Me? Nah.

    Little does he know, my record collection is nicely tucked away in a closet.

  3. I must live under a rock or something, cuz I just have nooooo idea....

  4. Donny Osmond and DWTS fan? I don't know you.

  5. If only you guys heard mom's cheering for him and the giggling (YES! GIGGLING!) that ensued. She immediately ran to her records and (giggling) got all his records and (giggling some more) grinned while showing me the..ugh.... pictures.

    She totally has a celebrity crush on him.

  6. Kristin - there are a few more things you prolly don't know about me too!

    Yes, it was hilarious! I haven't looked at those albums in thirty years and the pictures are hysterical! I do not have a celebrity crush (well, on him anyway..)I just thought it was really really fun that he won over everyone else!
    Go Donny!

    And Katie, without a TV, it's like living under a rock sometimes.

  7. To be clear- I was saying "I don't know you" as in "I don't want to know you." Donny Osmond and DWTS- how shocking. Aren't you embarassed, though? That's what I'm getting at here.

    You know I'm kidding, though. I'd never really say I don't want to know you.

    as long as you make such great chocolate cheesecake...


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