Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vocabulary Lesson

Grade 11

1. ameliorate

2. paucity

3. aerie

4. comestible

5. loquacious

6. paean

7. turnkey

8. philtre

9. supplant

10. cant

11. frowzy

12. pragmatic

13. twit

14. dilletante

Match with their definition:

A. practical

B. a song of praise

C. to improve

D. love potion

E. talkative

F. to tease

G. a person who dabbles in the arts

H. a nest

I. food

J. scarcity

K. jailer

L. to take the place of

M. tilted

N. slovenly


  1. Cool list.

    1C, 2J, 3H, 4I, 5E, 6B, 7K, 8D, 9L, 10M, 11N, 12A, 13F, 14G

  2. Hey, I know that list! Because I did that list! See? I did learn something in school...


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