Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Bike

How to spend a sparkling, golden Sunday afternoon, maybe the last of the year?

A bike ride!

But first! Lock the keys and the water bottles in the cab of the truck.

Hey! He looks a lot like that cop mind.

We finally hit the trail with the lingering daylight. The route was our favorite, the Mosier Tunnels trail that was the former Columbia River highway along the Columbia Gorge. It is now a paved and restored biking/walking/skateboarding road.

We have found that this trail is well-favored and heavily used on the weekends by bikers, walking families with strollers and skateboarders. It is four miles to the twin tunnels carved into the basalt cliffs above the gorge. We usually go late in the day when the numbers of people are thinning out.

Curiously, we see a lot of biking doctors on this trail. Yes, biking doctors. Today we saw Samuel's surgeon (a regular), our family physician and our old chiropractor! Good to know our health care providers are providing for their own health. This is Oregon after all.

(Yes, the kids forgot to bring the helmets.)

It was hard for me to keep a good pace when there were so many photographic opportunities.

This is how the historic highway, built in 1921, originally snaked around the high cliffs above the gorge. Can you imagine the old Model T's chugging along here?

The new freeway, Interstate 84, was built down along the Columbia River in 1954 and replaced the old highway.

This curvy road was treacherous in the old days.

The remains of one of the many tragic car wrecks that occurred here can still be seen.


There were reminders all along the trail of the forest fire that burned this cliffside last summer.

We didn't make it all the way to the tunnels. We knew we would run out of daylight on the way back if we did and when the sun drops, so does the temperature.

We settled for this spectacular view.

We've been through the tunnels before. This is how they are.

There is some cool graffiti carved into the stone inside this tunnel where a group of people became trapped for several days in here during a snowstorm in 1921.

Whooooaoaoaa! Vertigo much?

Oh my. I can't look.

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  1. Gorgeous views! All I see around here is corn. corn. corn... Oh and soybeans sometimes...


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