Friday, November 6, 2009


So to encourage my boys to practice their reading skills just a bit more, I did what the libraries and public schools do....I gave them an incentive.

Or a bribe. Whatever.

When one of my little boys finishes ten extracurricular reading books, they get to have a day out with Mom for the activity of their choosing.

Wouldn't you read ten books for a day out with me?

Well, my little boys would. Thank goodness.

Sam finished his ten books and chose to take Mom on a long, chilly, extended bicycle ride for miles and miles and miles around the valley. He talked non-stop and asked me 6, 245 questions and thoroughly enjoyed his day out with Mom all by himself.

I enjoyed it too! Though I was a bit tuckered afterward and my hiney still hurts from the bike seat.

Peter finished his ten books and chose the most wonderful thing he could think of for a day out with Mom.

Please, please, please! Take me to the tractor store!

We pass this "tractor store" frequently when we go to town but we have never taken the time to stop in. This was Peter's chance.

Disney World wouldn't have been any better.

So many tractors, so little time. And money.

Peter took this picture. He insisted on taking the camera to shoot some photos of this most hallowed of places. How many seven year olds do you know feel the need to record their special moments with a camera? I only know one.

He was primed to make a purchase but he had some decision making to do since he had a self-imposed budget.

Did I mention that he is seven?

He agonized over whether to get this front loader or a tractor with a DISC! He wished out loud that the front loader came with the disk so he could get both. He has a tractor but he needs the front loader to load the trailers. Etc. Etc. Etc.

He made his decision and whipped out his hard-earned money which he saved up after peeling apples for hundreds, nay thousands, of apple turnovers.

Nothing feels better than the satisfaction of earning it yourself.


  1. Dang, he's cute! And very precocious!

  2. Wow- I haven't seen Pete or Sam in so long- he's giant! Also, keep up the photog work. I wish I had a start that young. I bet Pete got the artistic gene that runs in the fam.

  3. I love the expressions on his face! So precious.

    I won't tell my 7yo about this. He gets a Book-It Pizza from Pizza Hut. Not nearly as fun.

  4. We used to do Book-It! In our early homeschool days. The kids loved it! It was the only time we could go out to eat.

  5. So true! It's always the best feeling for them when it's money they earned. You are obviously a good momma!


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