Friday, November 27, 2009

I keep telling myself..."it's going to be good, it's going to be good.."

This was my farm kitchen this morning...

...And this is my kitchen this evening.

It will no longer be Provencal blue and yellow.
The blue matrix laminate counter-top is going away.
The ancient dime store stainless sink is being replaced, as well as the leaky faucet.

I was feeling a little sad about the tile.

I hand made this tile about fifteen years ago.
I rolled the clay out in sheets with a rolling pin. I cut the tiles with a straight edge. I decorated them with a squeeze bottle of slip. I installed the tiles myself. It was my first try at everything.
After removing them today, I decided to put the tiles away in a box for my progeny. Maybe someday, some grandchild or great grandchild will find a use for their ancestor's hand made tile.
Is that presumptuous of me?

And maybe someday, someone will volunteer to come and wash my floor and make it look pretty again.
Is that presumptuous of me?


  1. i love kitchen makeovers. hope you post photos of the result.


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