Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Glass Fusing Workshop

When I was in Switzerland last September spending a week with girlfriends we did lots of sight-seeing, dining, touring, and shopping. But we also did some projects together.

These girls, sisters and sister-in-laws, (and one extra...me) came from a family just oozing with arts and craft genes in their blood. The sister-in-laws, not having the same blood, didn't share the enthusiasm for arts and crafts but they were very good sports and went along for the ride with the projects that were planned for our week together.

One of those projects was glass fusing.
The Master Craftswoman and most gifted artist was also our host for the week and she planned this project at a workshop in the Swiss village where she lives.

I know a number of glass-fusing artists here at home but I have never actually tried it myself so it was a treat in every way. Doing something new and spending time with the girls.

One of the girls pointed out later that these projects we did were the only time in our whirlwind week that we were able to sit together (usually for several hours) working on our projects and just having quiet time with each other.

Kind of like the women's quilting bees in days of yore. Without all the town gossip.

And in the end we had some pretty special "souveniers" to take home. Remembrances of our time together.

And each finished work was so unique and different from the others.
This was Ruth's. So feminine.



Mary's (the pilot...note the airplane)



And mine.

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  1. Ooh! Pretty!

    Sooo... What about the process? How does it work?


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