Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Face Lift

I got new slipcovers for my furniture.

I spent weeks and weeks searching and researching to find just exactly the right ones so I wouldn't waste my hard-earned money.

I wanted dark blue ones, since that is the color of my furniture and I like that color. I wanted quality fabric that would stand up to the children's abuse and be washable. Most importantly I wanted either stretch covers or two piece covers that would STAY PUT. I was sick of tucking and retucking and fixing and adjusting the slip covers that I had. And they couldn't cost $300.

This is what I finally settled on. They are not dark blue which I found out is like asking for zebra stripes.

The color was called "Loden". And looked like this on the website:

I was all set to write a post about how the website misrepresented the color. How the photo looked more sagey green and what I got was dark olive, army green.

But then I tried to take a photo to show you how dark and olivey and army green these covers are...

..and found out that I can't make the photos and my computer represent the color that I see in my living room. Huh.

What do you think? Do my covers look like the one in the website photo?

I was thinking that maybe the medium blue on the website is actually dark blue in real life and I should exchange these for blue?

The green does look fine with my rug and the rust wall color and I love the pillows. Everyone here says I should be satisfied.

I'm very happy with the quality of the fabric and the construction. They fit well. They are scotchguarded against the kids. I got them on sale and with free delivery.

But like always I'm second guessing and worrying that I'll be unhappy down the road.


  1. The green you have is showing up more of a sagey green on my computer. It looks beautiful with the wall and pillows by the way. The website green looks olive or army. Hmmm.

    But if your heart is set on blue then maybe you should get blue.

    I'm not much help, huh?

  2. Well... on my monitor the color looks fine! Actually, I think the colors in the website photo and your photo look almost the same. I wouldn't call it "army", but I think it's certainly "olive". And it looks good! Kinda Mediterranean, right?

    I'm more concerned about how yours don't look nearly as tight-fitting as the website photo. Are they going to stay in place that well? It looks a little baggy to me...

  3. That's what I meant in this post, that I couldn't complain about the colors not being the same because they actually look like they are! But they're not! I think.

    There is a certain "one size fits all" character to the cover so that is why they made it so perfect in the website photo but it won't fit that tightly on my furniture. In fact, they must have a blower filling that sofa with air to get it so filled out.

    As the light changes it looks different too. The sofa on one side of the room looks really dark while the love seat on the other not so much. It's making me more indecisive.

    Why do I do this to myself? I'm so stinkin' type A.

  4. Aside from the colors, I was thinking, what the heck are you supposed to shrink, then starch and stretch them to make them look good? Personally I'd get the blue, only because I prefer blue to green.

  5. But then again if you exchanged for the medium blue and it turned out to be a too light blue it wouldn't look so great with the walls and other colors. Does the website provide samples? See if there is a customer service phone number and call. Sometimes you can get all sorts of help.

    Type A or type Q - make sure you are happy with it. You are the one who has to look at it day after day. The kids probably couldn't care less.

    I never had luck with slipcovers. Spent a fortune and even got those plastic bar things that was supposed to make it _stay_ tucked in. I could never get over the bagginess and the retucking and it was always uneven. I won't go there again.

    Have you priced reupholstering? In Houston, I was lucky and found a craftsman that worked from his home and was fairly reasonable. A fabric store that carries furniture weight cloth might have recommendations. But if the frame is well made it can be worth it and you can choose your fabric in person. Just a thought.

  6. I loved my furniture when we got it. Still do but the fabric is horrible after a few years of kids and mechanics. I wish I had covered them when they were brand new. It's great to pull the cover off and wash it. So probably even if I reupholstered I would cover too. At least as long as there are rugrats around.

    I am going to call CS and see about a blue sample, just to shut down the subject in my mind at least.


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