Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Successful Pie Making Class

Hopefully, after tonight, there will be a few more families enjoying homemade pie on Thanksgiving.

Tonight another group of delightful women gathered to learn the easy parchment technique for rolling homemade pie crusts and making delicious flaky pie.

We began the evening eating some apple pie, still warm from my oven.

After I demonstrated the parchment method for rolling pie dough the girls got busy making their own pies.

The next generation got an early start!

As soon as I figure out how to get the video off my new camera, I will post a demonstration here.
I intended to have that up right away so that anyone who wanted to try it would have time to practice before Thanksgiving, but...I can't get the video demo loaded, so stay tuned if you want to learn how easy pie can be and I'll have it here soon.

These girls will tell you that this technique takes all the blood, sweat and tears out of making homemade crust.

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