Thursday, November 12, 2009

And so it begins.

It's only November and I'm already getting cabin fever. With a little Seasonal Affective Disorder on the side.

After spending at least some time outside nearly every day for the last six months, suddenly staying indoors is a shock to my system. My tan is fading, my vitamin D levels are plummeting and my sanity is hastily making an exit. Soon I'll be pasty white and my eyes will squint painfully at any hint of sunlight.

There are only so many days of vocabulary lists, cursive writing demonstrations, and geography reviews that I can take without some sunshine, flowers and green growing things.

I busted out of the house one afternoon this week hyperventilating with the need to inhale some fresh oxygen. (Hyperbole much?) The sun was barely breaking through Oregon's typical November sky of clouds and scattered showers but it was enough for me.

I headed for my favorite trail. I've documented it here several times during more picturesque seasons.
Even though everything is brown and dull waiting for a blanket of snow, there were still interesting things to see. I was dearly hoping to jump some deer, or better yet elk. There was certainly plenty of evidence that I was in their territory.

There were trails and tracks all over in the damp earth.

And other kinds of sign...

You've never seen a pile of elk manure on someone's blog?

I thought it was really cool. I knew those beautiful animals were going to be around again soon.

I felt so much better after my walk. I could almost forget for a moment that I have four more months of grey skies and cold dampness to get through before I can once again be outside in the warm sunshine.

Four months?


  1. Doesn't look like elk, looks like bear.

  2. I thought of that too, Neal, but it certainly looked like a grass eating animal.

  3. After discussion with Neal about all the interesting and varied characteristics of wild animal seems that the pile is from a bear!

    Still cool!


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