Monday, October 12, 2009


October 12, Columbus Day.

But October 12 was always Grandma's birthday.

My husband's mother, Pauline Otillia.

She was born in 1913. Her father was the town milkman, milking his cows and delivering the goods to the townfolk. She washed the milk bottles for ten cents pay a day.
Pauline taught school all her life, was a farmer's wife and raised five boys.

Her words about these pictures:

School days! School days!
Independent school days!
Reading and writing and artihmetic
Taught to the children in the picture below
1935-1936-1937 were my years of rule
In the Brockway school!

For this photo she says, Back again to the school I began in as a kindergarten pupil. This time I am the teacher of the kindergarten, first and second grades. My reign 1939-1944.

About sixty years after this photo was taken, while Pauline was living here with us, she received a sweet, loving letter of remembrance from one of these pupils. She was a well-loved and deeply respected teacher.

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