Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Colors of October

Doesn't it seem like some years, the colors in autumn are just so much more vibrant than other years?

My daughter said she learned in biology that the intensity of leaf color is related to the amount of sunshine in a year.

We certainly had one of our most sunny summertimes in recent memory. Maybe that's why the valley is positively glowing in color right now. Even on an overcast day like today, this orchard was on fire!

Since I have a new camera, I can't resist slamming on the brakes when I am out and about to photograph the spectacular show. I loved this "lemon-lime" tree.

This glowing gold is the color of my dining room. Against the blue sky it just knocks me over.


I just can't stop taking pictures. I know the colors are fleeting.

Soon these trees will be bare and I'll be facing five months of grey skies, drizzly rain, slushy snow, wet boots, soggy socks, muddy rugs, cold sheets, and foggy mornings.

There will be no more flower bouquets on my table, no more coffee breaks on the deck over-looking the gardens, no more patio suppers with fresh garden veggies, no birdsong, no sun to warm me, no flowers to cheer me.

Woe is me! Oh, woe is me!

I might as well shut this blog down until April because what in the world will I take pictures of?

I just can't think about it any more. I'm going to enjoy the colors...


  1. I love fall and the gorgeous colors. My husband and I took a drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway before the colors even peaked and I was sucking in my breath at every turn. I took a few pictures that were pretty, but not as good as yours.

    Thanks for sharing from your neck of the woods.

  2. Gorgeous!

    Sunshine, eh? I guess that explains why we're all yellow and gold and bronze this year with very little orange and red. Some falls are definitely more spectacular than others. Of course, the maples are gorgeous even in gold.

  3. Pics are great - how's the new camera working out?

  4. Still lots of features I need to experiment with. In my spare time...

  5. Oh your description of winter is right on. I usually use my colorful photos as my desktop when those days roll around!


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