Thursday, September 17, 2009

Windows and Doors

Despite numerous camera glitches in the last week and a half, I still have managed to take a few hundred pictures while enjoying my little European adventure (thank you, Maria!)

I find myself focusing the camera on a lot of windows and doors.

They are so photogenic!

The window flower boxes are in profusion everywhere.

The blooms are always lush and bright.

The doors also attract my lens with their unique character.

This one is at the castle in Lenzberg.

But this one is on a street in Zurich.

The church doors are always set apart from all others.

But even a humble door like this one has charm.


  1. Oh wow! Those doors are fabulous! Even the shabby one!

  2. Glad you are back safely. I love windows and doors too and am always snapping photos of them. It is a sickness.

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