Wednesday, September 30, 2009

There have to be some kind of perks... being the boss's wife. Don't you think?

Today a satisfied Expertec customer brought in a little thank you gift to her mechanic...

...a box FULL of the exquisite pastries that she makes and sells in the big city. A certain partner who shall remain nameless SET THEM OUT FOR THE OTHER CUSTOMERS TO EAT.


The customers do not deserve french pastries when they get free homemade cookies and coffee all day every day and donuts on Friday! The french pastries are for the bosses! Or more importantly- the bosses wives! Wouldn't you agree?

There has to be some kind of perk to supporting our men who are working hard to start a business in a depressed economy and who come home every night unable to form a sentence much less have meaningful chit chat with their devoted spouses after a long day of talking to people about their car troubles and who crash in the easy chair to snore for thirty minutes before breaking for a hot meal before their next nap so that they are ready to go to bed and then get up to start again at 5 a.m.

It's a good thing that Mr. Dirtywrench mentioned in passing..."oh yeah, that lady, Monica who tried so hard to hire you last year- we fixed her car and she brought us a box of tarts."

My eyes nearly popped out of my head. "WHERE ARE THEY?"



"Um. On the coffee table at work...."

I won't describe the following scene but needless to say, we rescued them before any customers could get their sticky fingers on them.

(So sorry I didn't get a photo of these gorgeous morsels before we dug into them. What's left there is a prosciutto and parmesan quiche, a spinach and tomato quiche (my breakfast!), peach crumble, plum and almond galette and apricot biscotti. There were about six other items that I unselfishly left for the nameless partner to take to his devoted wife. I may have to pummel him with a cake box if he doesn't.)


  1. Thank goodness they weren't eaten up before you learned of their existence! Pummel the guy.

  2. Hmmm... The thing about these wonderful, hard-working kind of men is that all too often, food is just food.

    Good thing you managed to save those goodies!

  3. mmhm, mmhhmm, {{chew,chew}} and mhmm, I was wrong about one quiche. It's sun-dried tomato and ricotta. And the veggie one has a little ham in it. YUM

  4. My hubby would have left them for customers too. Then he'd tell me it was a favor to me because I don't have to make as many cookies. Silly man.


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