Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Switched Before Birth

Remember when I told you about my late summer broody hen?

She was nesting in the goat pen and laying infertile eggs.
Since she wasn't going to give up trying to hatch them I had to assist her by switching her eggs with fertile ones from the chicken coop.

Well, we're happy to report that she managed to produce offspring.

She hatched two of the eggs which made her so happy that she abandoned the nest (she had only been sitting there for, oh, thirty or forty days). There were still five eggs left in the nest which then died. This made the boys very unhappy with her since those eggs were probably only a day or two away from hatching. Such is life on the farm with small-brained critters...

This hen is now diligently protecting her chicks from the paparazzi. I had to chase her all over the farm begging her to let me take just a few shots of her little peepers.

She wasn't about to accommodate any crazy bloggers wielding cameras.

Hopefully I'll never have to explain to her why one of those chicks does not look like her.

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  1. Now you just have to hope they aren't both roosters...


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