Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Roasted Tomato Pasta Sauce

It's been a good summer for tomatoes here in the Pacific Northwest. We've had a real Midwestern summer minus the hot nights and humidity. Hot days are good enough for real summer around here. I hear the Midwest has had a lovely Oregon-style summer. Sweaters and slippers and all that. I'm very sorry for you all. I know well what it is like to have a nine day summer. We had one last year.

Spring blink Fall Winteragain.

But I'm happy to finally have a decent tomato crop, despite the fact that I will be soon gone and missing part of it. These tomatoes are Early Girls and they are just ripening in bunches now. Early Girls. Not Better Boys or Beefsteak tomatoes. Early tomatoes in September. That's how we do things around these here parts.

Despite what I consider a good crop for Oregon, the output still doesn't come near what would be coming off the plants back in Michigan where real summer is hot and sticky and makes tomatoes grow like Jack's beanstalk. But I am so very satisfied with this year's production so I took my "bountiful" fifteen pounds of tomatoes and decided to roast them for sauce.

After washing and cutting I laid the tomatoes out cut side down onto trays, adding garlic and roughly chopped onion. I then drizzled olive oil over the whole thing and put them in my much-loved Kitchenaid oven on 400 degrees convection.

I love convection.

It makes roasting and baking quick and efficient.

After about a half an hour I had nicely roasted and toasted tomatoes.

Working in batches, I put them in my much-loved and well-used Quisinart food processor (I've burned up about six other brands of food processor. Quisinart has withstood my use and abuse better then all others. Well worth the extra $$).

I added a handful of fresh garden basil, some salt and pepper and gave it a whirl.


Ready for pasta or I can reduce it and use for pizza sauce. Fresh, simple and delicious!


  1. I think your "Green Thumb" is fantastic.
    Have a great time where ever you go..

  2. ooH! That looks so easy! I wish I had tomatoes to work with!

  3. I tried this last nite-don't have a nice oven like you do so the roasting took longer but the end result looks the same. Sampling tasted good, can't wait to try it as a sauce. Thanks for the recipe. Chris

  4. Glad you tried it, Chris. Yes, I used to do it without convection too. Depending on how juicy the tomatoes are you can put the sauce on the stove and reduce it to make it thicker for pizza and such. Also, you can change it up with whatever you like, peppers, herbs, more garlic, etc.


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