Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm Leaving

The countdown has begun.

I am leaving on a trip in one week. Just me. No family. One week from now.

Pardon me while I have a Modified Stationary Panic.




Blow it out....

Why, you ask, would leaving on a trip by myself without any children clinging to my ankles cause me to panic? Shouldn't I be tra-la-la-ing in joyful glee?

It's not the trip that causes the panic. It's the week until the trip.

The first thing on my To-Do list is to get the To-Do list written. Seriously. I haven't yet.

So here goes:

Finish meal plans for the family so they will continue to nourish themselves with real food while the chief cook is absent,- typed out in detail for the second in command (Alyssa!) with any necessary preparation descriptions, recipes and amounts. It turns out we can't do freeze ahead meals because my two freezers are crammed full already!

Shop for food. See above.

Finish baking thirty dozen cookies for the cookie monsters at Expertec Automotive Repair. (I made almost twenty dozen so far only to have Mr. Dirtywrench come home and inform me that the customers polished off four dozen today alone!)

Make lists for housecleaning chores, school assignments, errands and activities.

Get all the bills paid.

Order the rest of the school books. (Ack! I thought I was done and more necessities cropped up!)

Can tomatoes. Make pickles. Freeze strawberries. Pick beans. Plant lettuce and spinach.

Do laundry. Yesterday the washer threatened to go into an endless retirement. It just quit in the middle of a skanky load of rags and rugs. So I proceeded to pull out my hair, gnash my teeth and wail in despair. Then today I walked by it and it began working. Creepy. But I kissed it anyway.

Change the pass code on the television child lock.
I just gave it away but if I didn't type it I would forget it!

Yesterday I got a call from a local business that wants me to provide apple turnovers for their customers. I sent them samples today. If this deal goes through (please God!) I will have to make eight dozen apple turnovers and maybe some pies before I leave.




Blow it out...

And then, at some point, I should pack. I should make a list of what I need to bring so I don't forget stuff. I need my camera, charger and corresponding USB cord so I can blog about my adventures.

Please! Someone remind me to be sure that I don't forget my passport! Someone please call me or email Tuesday night and ask if I have packed my passport. I ain't goin' nowhere without it.

And I need a book. I need something to read on a very, very long plane ride. Does anyone have a recommendation? I like memoirs and biographies. Non-fiction. Or really really good fiction. I have a hard time finding good books. Help.


  1. Yikes! Sounds like toooooo much to do. Can't you put a sign on the cookie table saying "The Baker is on Vacation"??

    I will call you Tuesday night and bug you to pack your passport. Do you have a moneybelt or something to put it in so that you don't have some sort of a repeat of the French Train Incident?

    If I lived down the road I would come and help you with your canning... but I don't.

    No advice on the book front, either. Because I'm not a bookworm at all...

  2. Praying you get everything ready before you head out. Have fun!

  3. So where are you going? I may have missed it somewhere...
    I've had nightmares that I'm at the airport and have forgotten someones passport and the plane leaves in 10 minutes... What to do besides wake up?!

  4. McVal, you didn't miss it. Maybe I'll drop some hints. Regardless, there will be pictures of the exciting place on this blog!

  5. Hi Kris' Mami

    I am a big fan of biographies as well. I enjoyed Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin as well as The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. I've recently heard that First they Killed my Father by Loung Ung is great. And if you haven't already seen the movie, My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult is supposedly good too.


  6. Hi Damara! Thanks for the recommendations. I will check them out! One of my problems is that my small town library always has a long waiting list for any popular books. I've had my name on the list for one for several months now. Ridiculous. I'm planning to buy something for this trip though.

  7. One of my favorite biographers is Lady Antonia Fraser, but I don't know which time period of bio-worthy persons you're interested in...


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