Sunday, September 27, 2009

The family that plays together, stays together

My dad was a firearms safety instructor.

I spent many days traipsing around the woods with him, hunting pheasants and grouse and later ducks and deer. (I never got anything, by the way).

I started shooting clay pigeons with 20 gauge shotguns before I was in middle school. There were display boards of ammunition in the basement. We had iron-clad strict rules about handling guns. I never had a girly-girl fear of firearms, just a healthy respect for them.
My boys, all five of them, were given BB guns by their uncles as soon as they could squint one eye closed.

And they immediately became well-versed in the iron clad rules of gun safety.

So what better family past-time for the last sunny weekend of September then to go shooting?

The guys usually forget to invite Mom, but I really wanted to get out in the sunny woodland so I invited myself!
After warming up with some friendly turn-taking at the flying clay pigeons, we played Annie Oakley.

Annie Oakley is a shooting game where you take turns shooting at the clays. If you miss, you are out. If you miss and the next shooter takes a shot at the same clay and misses too, you are still in.

My boys do a lot more shooting than I do. They can be hard to beat.

But guess what?

I won one.

Oh yes, I did.

I won. Uh huh.

Oh yeah.

I won.
Yes, I won one!
Mark that down.
Yes, boys. Remember that.
Your Mama won Annie Oakley!

Yes, she did!

(And she has a blog and can brag if she wants to)


  1. Good for you! If your boys are like mine there will be a rematch shortly.

    My son works at a shooting range where he sets up the clays, mows the grass, etc.

    All this talk of shooting clays reminded me of a youtube video that is making the rounds here in these parts. Watch this:

  2. HA HA! Mom won! Hows about that. Good stuff- and this post makes me want to come home and shoot some clays. It's been a long time since I've done that.

  3. Way to go Mom!!! Be sure to rub it in, because you know they secretly like it because they are proud of you. Oh, the smell of burnt gun powder therapy - I need some of that myself. think I will go to the safe and pull out the SKBs, go to the woods and get well. shoot safe, Bill


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