Monday, September 21, 2009

Controlling Underage Drinking

Hey Kids!

Absolutely no alcohol will be served

to anyone under

16 years of age!

And no cocktails or mixed drinks to anyone under

18 years of age!

And we mean it!

So here's my opinion on the subject, take it or leave it.

I think it is ridiculous that in America my boys can be sent to Iraq at twenty years old to shoot someone between the eyes, or get themselves blown to bits by a roadside bomb but they can't have a beer first.

I think it is ridiculous that my daughters could cast a vote for the leadership of their country at eighteen years old but they can't pass judgment on the quality of the wine served with dinner.

In the olden days, beer and wine were made down on the farm. Drinking alcoholic beverages was a common part of the daily diet in most households and when treated casually was not so likely to be abused. Having a cold beer after a sweaty day in the hay fields was refreshing for young and old alike. I think there is some common sense to this attitude.

As a parent of seven offspring I've learned a few things about getting kids to do things or not do things. I would bet I could get any teenager to eat turnip casserole if you gave me the opportunity to persuade him. If everyone got to have turnip casserole except the teenagers, if they were forbidden to eat the turnip casserole and if everyone else swooned over the turnip casserole (it could happen!) as something really special to be indulged in on social occasions and if eating turnip casserole was glorified in movies and television by having gorgeous women and handsome hunks at fabulous parties slurping down turnip casserole while wearing $700 shoes, I would bet the kids might really start lusting after the forbidden turnip casserole, don't ya think?

As far as the drinking and driving problem- in Europe the kids can drink beer and wine when they are sixteen, but they can't drive until they are eighteen. That's one way to handle it!

What do you think?

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