Thursday, August 20, 2009

I can't make a decision


I'm making a trade with a local painter whose work I have admired for a long time. We both had work in a seconds show at the gallery in town last weekend. She had a number of these little still lifes that she did for a series "A Painting a Day."

You can see more of these and other lovely paintings on Cathleen Rehfeld's blog.

I brought these four home to try to make a decision. I need to choose three in trade for this pot...

..that Cathleen will get for her collection.

Just when I think I've come to a decision, I waffle. And bite my nails.

These two make a nice pair.

And so do these two.

But then I also have this by another artist.

So I kind of have a little mug collection happening.

You know how I get sucked into collecting.

This could turn into something massive. I'll begin scouring the galleries for paintings of cups and mugs.
So I'm thinking of returning the red pepper.

But then I think I should return the orange cup also and ask for this single red onion:

That would look great with this pair:
I could put black frames on them all and hang them together.

But then I wouldn't have the paintings of cups collection...

I don't know what to dooooooo!

Help? Anyone?


  1. The mugs make a great kitchen grouping. Although I like the apples with the cup and onion too. But my first impression was that you should keep the cups. (this was before I saw that you had a third cup to go with them.

  2. Urban Cowboy- I wish.

    Um. Let's see. I'd need to go find another pot she would want for two more paintings. That's tempting. It's only clay afterall...

  3. Hard questions! We visit your blog and you go and try to make us think.

    I really like that red pepper a lot. But then... those sets you made up are pretty great. I don't think you should keep the pepper/mug as a set because while they look nice together, they feel like they need something and none of the others quite belong. I like the mug set, but then I really like the mug/plum/onion set as well.

    Hm. I vote for all.

  4. I love the balance of the mug grouping. The tea bag and white teacup and the browns of the other two mugs accented by the bit of shading in the upper right corner of the white teacup painting look so nice. Together they just make me feel happy.

    I don't care for the pepper and brown mug together although the pepper is lovely.

    I like the teacup and plums. When put together with the onion the combination is really quite lovely and makes me happy too.

    There! My very, very humble opinion.

  5. So that's three votes for the cup/mug set and three votes for the cup/plums/onion set.

    Still no conclusion!

  6. Toss the pepper! Thus spake Zarasuthra.

  7. Not that I would have Zarasuthra or Nietzsche influence any decision - I did return the pepper.


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