Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Can See Clearly Now

I have some reading to do:

So it's a good thing I finally got a new monitor.

Yes, kids! I did!

This is what I've been squinting at:
If the pictures on my blog are horrible, this monitor is partly to blame. I couldn't see how bad they were. I've also been absorbing unmeasured amounts of EMFs.

It's like my eyes have been opened,
like a new pair of corrective lenses,
like colorizing an old black and white movie,
like coming out into the light...

The world in living color and clarity.


  1. Wow, thought those old dinosaurs were extinct by now!

  2. OOh! Nice one! mine looks somewhat like that, but I don't have a webcam. Which is just fine by me!

  3. Yes, Urban Cowboy, I had the last known dinosaur in existence. They are now completely extinct.

    And McVal, the camera is great for Skyping with my grandson and my kid in Peru.


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