Monday, August 17, 2009

Another Wedding Another Way

I live in a spectacularly beautiful valley.

I've bragged about that many times before. Don't you wish you lived here too?

There are many beautiful places to celebrate weddings here. Many people come from far away places to say their marriage vows with Mount Hood as their backdrop and fruiting orchards or blooming flower gardens as their chapel.

Sunday's wedding was held at one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the valley.

Garden paths took guests to cottages, arbors, and serene gardens.

It is a working farm that grows organic fruit.

It is well cared for and well loved.

The bridal couple was on a tight budget. They decided to serve their guests mixed berry cobblers instead of wedding cake.

It was an appropriate dessert for a farm setting.

For the bride and groom: a strawberry shortcake wedding cake.

It's great when people think outside the wedding box and choose simple and affordable over extravagant and traditional. This was a fun wedding with which to end the weekend.


  1. How clever! That bride and groom cake looks scrumptious!

  2. I love original ideas, too. They seem to make the day 'belong' to the bride and groom.

    And I would love to dig into that strawberry shortcake!


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