Monday, July 20, 2009

Do You Really Want to Know? Are You Sure?


That was really fun!

Thanks everyone for participating in my little guessing game. I loved all the responses. They kept me grinning. I hope a few others enjoyed checking in to see them to.

I want to apologize profusely for my scatter-brained way of hiding the contest post and making it difficult for people to find the right place to enter a guess. MY FAULT. I didn't have enough fore-thought about the blog navigation to know it would become confusing to keep up. I'll try to learn from my mistake and do better in the future.

Now- I know everyone is just holding their breath, twitching with anticipation to find out what these are:

Or not.

Okay, Okay! I'll tell you.

But first I have to say...

Please. Please!

When I tell you why I made these things...

Don't hurt me.

Don't run me out of town on a rail.

Don't hire a hit man to mess up my studio.

And please, I'm begging you...

Don't mutiny and abandon my blog to drift aimless and alone on the cold internet seas.

All your ideas were actually way better than mine. But I'll tell you why one day I sat down at the wheel and decided to make these bottomless ring thingies.

I like to incorporate my pottery into my gardening hobby.

Mostly I use broken pots and plates and pieces and insert them places.

I hope to have a little element of surprise and charm in the garden.

I think sometimes it works.

I certainly have lots of broken things to work with. This enormous plate actually has a huge crack in it right under the soil line.

And I love this pot. It was fired in a wood burning anagama kiln. But it broke. It has no bottom.

Someday I'll get a plant to grow out of it but for now I like it as it is.

Okay! You want to know what this has to do with the rings.
Yes, they were for the garden. Most of you knew that right away.

I rarely sit down at the pottery wheel to make something for myself, but one day I decided to make something that I thought would help a problem area I had in the garden.

This area under the faucet where water runs and pools many times a day...

It's a mud hole all the time from the water. It also gets stepped into when people use the hose.

I thought rock would help but I didn't want the rock to get kicked onto the patio so I had the bright (kind of) idea to contain the rock in a pottery ring.

I made the ring large, I thought. It almost didn't fit on the kiln shelf. I had to do some very creative shuffling to make it fit in the kiln for firing.

But, when I placed my ring and filled it with rock to see my brilliant (kind of) idea functioning in real life....

...of course it's too small and the water still makes mud around the outside edges.

So really, a flower planter is a better idea. Or even a cheese mold...if I made cheese.

So I ended up spreading rock around where the water splashed and made more mud. So now the ring isn't really containing the rock and the rock will probably get kicked onto the patio anyway.

Here's another spot where the idea worked a little more like I intended.

That's what I'm talkin' about!

But maybe this one should be a tree ring instead...

Coming next....

Pottery winners.
That is, if you're still with me...


  1. ok - I never would have thought of that... Too bad it didn't work.

  2. I really like that idea and may have to use some form of it for the mud by my faucets. I love the rings though they are very decorative.

  3. Hey Pam, tuesday nite here in Fla. Bed time again. We use cement stepping blocks as a path to and under the hoses because I don't like to step in the mess. Then I put a dish under the drip for the animals to have water. Makes me happy...the rings are lovely though....


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