Friday, July 24, 2009

A Carnival Graduation

Samuel announced to me that this year he was going to ride the Big Boy Rides at the county fair.

He wasn't going to go on the baby rides any more. Though Peter is two years younger than he, that meant that Peter also was not going on any more baby rides.

I decided to get myself a ride bracelet and go with them on the Big Boy Rides.

It's been something like thirty years since I've worn a ride bracelet.

Aside from a ferris wheel ride once in a while and one trip to Silverwood as a family where we rode a sweet roller coaster, I haven't been spending much time in carnival lines waiting for sweaty, gritty carnies to strap me into a gut grinder.

Samuel was just dying to do the bumper cars. It was the first on his list of Big Boy rides.
He still didn't meet the height requirements so Mama had to ride in the butt cruncher of a seat with him. Pete took a turn next. High excitement, those bumper cars.

For centrifugal motion, Peter was broken in on the Tilt-a-Whirl.

Sam called it the "Apple Ride" because of the red paint.

This ride had me begging for mercy and speed-dialing my chiropractor.
I was plastered against the side of the seat like a bug on Mario Andretti's windshield. Peter was plastered against me in the same manner. I spent the whole ride trying to keep my head from flying off my body, which put considerable strain on my neck muscles. Thus the need for my Dr. B.
Peter didn't like it much either.

Would you believe I even went down the big slide? Just last year I used all my sweet-talking skills to get Peter to do it. This year it was his second favorite ride.

I loved this swing. I would have been happy to stay there all afternoon.

I even went on the mini-roller coaster with my boys. This thing nearly rattled all the teeth out of my head. Since I still have about three more years of dental payments to make on the fillings I just had done, I wasn't about to let that happen. Once was enough.

The ferris wheel was Peter's most favorite. Though too slow and sedate for Sam, he compromised so Pete would do the Tilt-a-Whirl one more time.

Small town fair but big time fun for my bigger little boys.


  1. Fun! My boys were both older before they would venture to the big boy rides. In fact, the youngest is still cautious.

    Over at Smitten Kitchen, she's got a recipe for slab pie! I thought of you since I'd never heard of them before you posted about them.

  2. Wish I was there to hit the rides with the kids. It really must be 6 or 7 years (8? 9?) since I've been on the fair rides, and I'm a bit too big myself just to buy a bracelet and go spend and evening on them. Hanging with the kids would be an excellent excuse to go get whiplash. Maybe next year.

  3. Thanks, Southern Gal. Her slab pie looks gorgeous.

    Kristin, Seth went on a couple rides last night and was reminded why he quit going. But the little boys would LOVE to ride with you.


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