Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What a pile o' crap


Aha! ha! ha! I crack myself up!

This is our BEEOOtiful compost pile.
Weren't you just waiting to see it?
Isn't it just what you expected from old time farmers like us?

No? Well, we be the lazy kinda farmer, donchaknow. We don't follow no composting rules about layering and poking holes and turning and temperature taking.

We just haul all that goat manure, chicken dung, grass clippings, egg shells, stinky rotten kitchen scraps and what not and hurl it on there. Or rather, the kids do, cuz that's what we had all these kids for you know! I keep telling you that.

So it piles up and stays there for a while, looking so beeootiful that I just want to take pictures of it so I can blow them up and frame them and decorate my hen house with them.

Then one day when I need some good fertilizer for my flower beds, or the strawberries or blueberries, I go out and peel a layer of the pile back and look for the good stuff. It's always there somewhere, even though we don't turn the pile or take its temperature.

If I peel a layer back and it stills smells like a pile 'o crap, then I know it's not ready yet and I find a new spot to dig into.

Our compost pile is so fertile that stuff grows there without being planted. Without "soil." Here are some poppies, mint and potatoes! Last year there were irises and dahlias blooming on the pile. In. the. shade. Would they bloom where I planted them in the sun? Nooooo... but on the compost pile in the shade? You betcha! (Yes, I was born in Minnesota.)

Now- just twenty feet away over the fence...

...is our neighbor's compost pile.

It's a good and proper composting system.
I'm impressed.
Very impressed.
And ashamed.
But our neighbor is a World Class Athlete (no lie) and I couldn't possibly live up to his performance standards.

So I'll stick with my Lazy Farmer's Pile O' Crap.

Because I get lots of good stuff out of it.

And it does the job I need it to do.

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  1. Lord have mercy! I would have a complex with that neighbor to live up to next door! Egads!

    Yeah - our compost pile is much the same - only it seems the chickens get into it way before I'm ready for them to, and they scratch through it - pooping as they go - and well - it's not as neat a pile as one might hope. Oh well! Such is the life of the urban farmer! :)


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