Sunday, June 21, 2009

Scenes from a Father's Day Hike

It's been a long, long time since we've done a family hike together.

We decided to walk an old favorite in honor of Dad to give him a day off from chores.

I hereby name this tree - tenacity.

This one too.

Isn't nature amazing?

Come on, Mom, you can do it!..

In my younger days, I would have done it (and have) without a thought.

But now, in my doddering older age...

I'm taking the bridge.

This rock slide occurred sometime since the last time I hiked this trail at least six or eight years ago.

Seth spent several minutes contemplating how this rock slide looked when boulders the size of my studio building were breaking off the mountain and rolling down to the river.

The end of the trail has a big payoff.

My offspring decide they needed to feel the power of the waterfall.

But Mom needed to feel the power of prayer at this moment.

Okay kids! That's enough!
Time to get back here!

We survived and lived to hike the trail again.

P.S. Regarding my wounded chick with the sling- during a haircutting session on the deck the previous evening (Sam was in the barber chair) Peter took a backwards fall off the deck, sustaining a slight injury to his clavicle. What a way to get out of a haircut.


  1. We have to travel about three hours to get to waterfalls around here. That one must be close to you. It's beautiful.

    Poor guy. My oldest boy just had his last x-ray for a broken clavicle. Mountain biking accident. I can sympathize.

  2. I took Pete to the chiropractor this a.m. He had a rib out of place and a smashed deltoid muscle but no fractures. He's sore.


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