Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Can't Help Myself

Hi. My name is Pam and I'm an Iris Addict.

My addiction started when I moved to the Great Northwest and discovered that irises come in colors besides purple.

We moved into a little dumpy shack of a house that was redeemed in part by the irises in its gardens. There were delicate peach colored irises and tiny white ones with lavender stitching around the edges.

During our first spring in Oregon I was invited to an Iris Garden Party given by a grower whom I had met through an artist's group that I joined so I could meet new people. It was all just innocent, but this party is where I had my first hit and made my first buy. It felt so good. I couldn't stop.

I came home with, um,... I can't tell you how many... new irises. This one has always been my favorite of that first buy. It is called "Repartee".
It is so not purple.

But purple- oh my- is gorgeous.
There are so many kinds of purple in the world.
This one is "Into the Night."

The irises from my first buy had names!

Then I discovered that irises come in other types, like "Japenese" and "Dutch."

They can be "beardless."

Or they can be purple with an orange beard!

It wasn't long before I had twenty-five different varieties blooming every June.

They are only gorgeous for two weeks or so out of the year....

...but for two weeks I am full of joy and gladness and all is right with the world.

Right kids?

Every day I would anxiously pace the gardens looking for a new bloom...

...and fret that colors seemed to be disappearing.

I no longer have the white ones, or the dwarf peach ones...

...but it's okay because there are so many other colors still to collect...

...and I have only just begun.

If it's wrong, I don't wanna be right.


  1. My mama had the same obsession when I was young. She had a bed beside the carport. I don't ever remember her doing anything to that bed, but every year around May they would bloom and smell so heavenly. She would allow me to cut a couple to take to my favorite teacher each year. I miss those flowers.

    If you didn't live on the other side of the country, I would have to come visit your beautiful gardens. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I can smell them now.

  2. Yes, irises are indestructible. They thrive on neglect. Another reason to love them.

    Some of them smell like sweet root beer!

    I would love to have you visit. Virtual visiting is the next best thing.


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