Monday, June 22, 2009

Fire Up The Oven

My list for baking this week includes:

*A sample cake for a meeting with a bride on Tuesday

*Cinnamon Rolls (We're butchering chickens Saturday morning and my plan is to not only put out a nice breakfast for the helpers that includes cinnamon rolls, but to have enough for said chicken pluckers to take home afterwards. If I do a good job, I may get out of plucking birds myself. heh, heh.)

*A chocolate dessert and a fruit dessert for a Saturday garden party luncheon that was an auction item at a fund raiser. No, the garden party will not be happening here after the Blood, Guts and Chicken Feather party. The garden party will happen at the prettiest garden in the neighborhood--- down the street.

* A blueberry cobbler for a "Social Insecurity" birthday party for a friend Saturday night.
(My! The social calender Saturday is quite crowded! How does that happen?)

*Two birthday cakes for my boys - one for Neal on Sunday, one for Samuel on Monday.

*Oh! and about ten dozen cookies to keep the cookie jar full at Expertec Automotive Repair.

Just the list has made me tired.

I must go lie down now.

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