Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Dinner at Mom's

Sunday afternoon, Seth calls "Hi Mom! What's for dinner?"

"'s Sunday. So prolly pizza."

"Oh good. My boss showed me how to toss the dough. I'll teach you."

"Oh, and I'm bringing Amber"
Family- meet Amber.
She's a lovely singer.
And she's really good at grating cheese.

The tossing didn't work so well with my pizza dough.
My dough is Mario Batali's dough.
I love Mario Batali.
I want to eat with Mario Batali.
I would even tolerate his orange clogs.

This pizza dough went on a hot, hot grill.

It only takes about two minutes on each side.

No oiling necessary. The dough does not stick. It "bakes" really quickly.

Nice grill marks means it's ready to flip.

Then the dough is ready for toppings.
Alyssa smeared it with roasted garlic, slathered it in sauce and sprinkled it with cheese.

Toppings varied. This one was pepperoni, feta and artichokes.

The pizza goes back on the grill to crisp it up, heat through and melt the cheese.


"Thanks for dinner, Mom. See ya!"

"Y'all come back now, ya hear!"

Can you believe Amber's parents let Seth drive their car?


  1. Have Amber's parents met Seth?

    Yummy pizza!

  2. Can you believe Amber's parents let Seth drive their car? No.


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